Welcome to Bloom!

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Laurie Soileau Schlisner, PDC

HELPING YOU GROW WELL. What does that mean?

Humans were made to be well in body, mind and spirit. We each have a unique design for being & living well.

25+ years of gardening and 9 years as a Life Coach have shown me the need to cast off expectations, busy-ness and things that don’t fit me. Growing well is incongruous with the disjointed, overburdened frenetic lifestyles and expectations we’re being fed.

I help clients discover their own streamlined vision of life and goals, and ensure every area of their lives support that vision- in a healthy and sustainable way.  And I design outdoor growing spaces that nurture my clients so that they and other living things grow well, too.

Nurturing people and our natural environment- creatively & sustainably- is central to my life vision. Let me help you discover yours!