Life & ADHD Coaching

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Laurie Soileau Schlisner, PDC

My work is helping people and planet flourish sustainably.
What does that mean? I’ll be glad to tell ya (you can thank me later:-)
We humans were designed to thrive and flourish in body, mind and spirit. To do so it helps to be in touch with who you are and why you’re here- especially when experiencing growing pains, periods of drought, or the demise of your hopes and dreams. You were designed to live fully, to thrive and flourish through life’s recurring cycles, and engaging with the world around you…for good. As in for as long as you live, and for mutual benefit of you and nature. Does that sound like you?

In 30+ years of gardening and 11 years in Life Coaching practice, I’ve learned that casting off ill-fitting expectations, things, and busy-ness is imperative to living well and being well for the long haul. The disjointed, overburdened frenetic lifestyles and expectations considered “normal” are incongruous with thriving as a human. I’ve also learned “right plant, right place”, or, as for humans, there’s an environment, tribe, and activity that suits us perfectly in our uniqueness. My work is to help you find yours.

I help individuals hone their life vision and goals, then streamline their lives. This means ensuring that every area of life supports that vision in a sustainable wayNurturing people and nature toward sustainable flourishing is my core life mission. I would love to help you discover yours!  Want a free no-commitment consult call? Email me!

Laurie Soileau Schlisner, PDC
Certified Life Coach
Writer, Artist, Content Creator
Certified Permaculture Designer

“Your work…will be more meaningful for you…if you take all opportunities it affords to serve and give joy to others…Knowing then that your work is part of the transformation of the whole creation including especially yourself.”M. Basil Pennington