A Beautiful Life

Hosting the Nashville Non-Fiction Writer’s Meetup in my home last night reminded me of the many writing prompts I’ve tucked into steno books, sticky notes, journals, laptop, my memory. So many stories and reveries, a life full of joy, a life full of pain, an overload of experiences, and, at times, deafening quiet and profound aloneness and loneliness. No longer a question of “Where to begin,” as the world is spinning from digertati to technerati and carrying us all along such that we only need begin with “What are you doing right now?”

The now. Now I keep moving. Now I attempt mindfulness. Now I taste a sampling of many years rolled into a moving confetti collage. And now I begin, here. I decide that this blog title will remind me to focus on the beauty in life while acknowledging what is not so beautiful. So, intermingled with the reality of life’s difficulties, I will celebrate the bright orange poppies and the taste of melting chocolate and the kindnesses that people share along the way.

I will write about culinary travel, food styling, painting frenzies and artist/writer’s block, my scooter fanaticism, my single-mother-of-teens journey, an abusive marriage (though not for long), dance gypsies, outdoor adventures, overcoming depression, and at times stare blankly at the blinking prompt. As I have been doing now for at least three minutes. Enjoy the day, live to the fullest of your passion, and for heaven’s sake, get some fresh air….as I’m about to do.


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