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Beautiful Things

Grant's message to me warmed my heart.

I’ve just received notice of our first gift received through the Honeyluna registry, and find myself filled with even more gratitude than on the evening of our engagement party. I feel so blessed, and a lot closer to the reality of my marriage with Grant.

The coming together of our friends and family is in a way like the building of a fortress around us during these early days. And, though my family was unable to be physically present, the engagement party last Saturday somehow lent more credence to our relationship,and laid some heavy bricks and binding mortar in the foundation of our life together. The reality of becoming one new family is more potent and tangible today than even last week, thanks to the generosity of our wonderful hosts, Mark and Ginger Abolins, and all those who were willing to get out on a cold winter evening and drive long distances to celebrate with us. Again, I want to say thank you.

The sun is just peeking over the snowy horizon here on Lookout Drive; it’s 6:34, and I’m cognizant of the symbolism in my life. A new day has dawned. I’m reminded of 1 Peter who reminded us of “the light shining in a dark place, until the day dawns and the morning star rises in your hearts.” The photo here is of Grant’s message to me, written with his warm hand as it melted the cold, icy snow; again, I love the symbolism. God has been so good to us. And this song by Third Day just finished playing on my Pandora Radio:

It seemed like I had run out of second chances
And they had sentenced me to die
And I was just like a dead man walking
I was running out of time
But you came to me and opened my eyes
And You gave to me a brand new life

What a beautiful thing, this brand new life.



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