The “I Should Be Able to Manage Without Meds” Blues

Springing Forward

The sun is finally streaming through tangerine-pink clouds and the cardinals have arrived on my deck; hints of spring all around, save that darned, pervasive cold. Despite the “springing forward” we’re about to do this Saturday, clocks in hand, we’re still humans, one foot saddled in clay, trying to release ourselves from the doldrums.

This is especially true of those of us with ADHD, anxiety, depression, or any combination thereof; the artist-types, the sentimental, the melancholy, poetic- you get it.  We sensitive people are more prone to not feeling good when life seems otherwise fine. So we tell ourselves (and sing in harmony with the melodious voices of the world): “Why can’t you just buck up & perk up??”

If Winter’s Almost Over, Why Do I Feel so Bad?

The thought of pill-popping to relieve what ails our aching soul or itching psyche dredges up myriad problems, only one of which I’ll face here: THE EGO. Simply put, it hurts our pride to rely on pharmaceuticals to do what we believe we should be able to do for ourselves if we just try harder, get right, or be like everyone else.
My friends, this is akin to telling a cancer patient, qudraplegic, or amputee to simply use his/her will-power to take control over his/her problematic body part. Why in this day and age would we believe that dysfunctioning brain structure and/or chemistry an area rife for moral judgment rather than physiological or neurological understanding? Then why would we willingly deprive ourselves the healing, peace of mind and joy which can often be brought on through the support of the medical community- specifically, the use of targeted ADHD, anti-anxiety or anti-depressant pharmaceuticals? I am in no way affiliated with the pharmaceutical industry, nor do I any longer work for the health care industry. But I do know first hand that I can’t do this on my own by simple will power, skill-building or knowledge-gathering.

If You’re Afraid to Try Medication for ADHD, Anxiety or Depression

Let me encourage you through a couple of thoughts:

  1. Think your ego may take a hit? Or family is telling you not to try medication? If you & your healthcare professional think medication is the best option for you, most likely your ego and these “other voices” will become an instant non-issue. The life that you have wanted to live may be just around the corner and you owe it to yourself to check it out, then decide.
  2. You think you should be able to control these things on your own. Well, how’s that been working for you? Why are you reading this post? Many intelligent people have said,“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” Change is needed.

What To Do Next

I simply recommend two things:

  1. Surround yourself with wise people whom you trust with your best interests, and explore what life has been like and what you think it could and should be like
  2. Seek professional advice from a team: Starting with your primary car provider (PCP)/family doctor is okay, but often they admit to having little education about developments in pharmaceuticals, dosing, etc so it actually can be a longer, more frustrating & expensive road for you. A Psychiatrist can quick-start you with diagnostic testing and discussing the possibility of medications that may be appropriate to you, as well as monitoring you with office visits until you’ve found the right med, right dose.  A Psychologist or LCSW can help you dig deeper into why things are the way they are, and a certified Life/ADHD Coach (that’s me) will help you create goals, strategies & action steps to move forward.

I hope this helps you today! Let me know if I can answer any questions for you. Meanwhile, chin up- here comes spring!Laurie


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