Laurie Soileau, Certified Life/ADHD Coach

As a Certified Life Coach, I offer 60-minute Coaching Sessions to help you …
Live more authentically
Experience more peace and joy
Simplify decisions in every area of your life
Maximize strengths & minimize limitations
Recognize whose expectations you’ve been trying to live up to
..and which ones should guide your life from now on

Contact me! Together, we clarify your values, goals and passions, and increase your momentum towards a fulfilling and authentic life. You’ll achieve better balance, deeper fulfillment, and increased peace and joy. Life coaching offers you…

  • Accountability & Support
  • Fresh Perspectives
  • Transparent Dialogue
  • Clear Goals, Strategies & Action Steps

How Do I Get Started?

  1. Contact me for your welcome packet.
  2. Read my Welcome Packet to answer your questions.
  3. Schedule your Free 15-minute Phone Consult.

More About Me

I’ve raised two daughters solo, and all three of us are ADHDers. My daughters are grown now, and both are wonderful and very talented people whose hearts are huge, and whose lives show that ADHD is a rich blessing in disguise. Because of this experience, I particularly enjoy working with adults who have been diagnosed with (or suspect they have) ADHD.

Email me at

Tweet me @ LaurieSoileau

On the web at

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