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Centering: Capturing the Calming Respite

One of my jobs as a coach is to help you discover ways to recuperate, allowing time to nurture both yourself and others appropriately so you both can thrive. Too much self-nurture, too much serving without self-care, and we’re out of the unique balance we each need in order to live fully, healthy in spirit,… Continue reading Centering: Capturing the Calming Respite


Life on the Wild Edges

Ever heard the term "wild edges"? My friends have. And, God bless him, my sweet husband has more than he'd like to have. It's a pet term of mine, so I tend to bring it up now and then in hopes someone else will want to explore, conversationally speaking, life's "wild edges" with me. Maybe… Continue reading Life on the Wild Edges

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Hymn of Dawn

Hymn of Dawn January 18, 2015 Stretching upward, a choir of dark feathered branches fills the pale aqua hovering above the lightening peach that breaks from the smouldering umber mountain silhouette horizon beyond my window. Dawn: the trees in celebration reach their paintbrush-bristles upward stretching toward heaven, branching, forever branching from branch to limb, from… Continue reading Hymn of Dawn


October Fog: What Does the Dim Light Reveal?

Late October begs a thick fog, masking things hidden, things we might ought to fear, things potentially deadly; at least in the Halloween movies. But something amazing happened this morning in the fog. This morning, pastel layers of fog-shrouded tree lines slowly come into view here from my breakfast spot, the high deck overlooking distant… Continue reading October Fog: What Does the Dim Light Reveal?