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Centering: Capturing the Calming Respite

One of my jobs as a coach is to help you discover ways to recuperate, allowing time to nurture both yourself and others appropriately so you both can thrive. Too much self-nurture, too much serving without self-care, and we’re out of the unique balance we each need in order to live fully, healthy in spirit,… Continue reading Centering: Capturing the Calming Respite

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Are You Listening to You?

When’s the last time you had time to hear your heart beat? This morning, I nearly missed the window of time I carve out for myself- my “quiet time.” The very thought created a knot in my stomach. I’ve become addicted to this hour of time to listen to my heart, get back in touch… Continue reading Are You Listening to You?

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7 Ways to to Stay Inspired When You Have ADHD

There were just four of us sitting close around the marble coffee table, candlelight glow warming my little living room and our hopeful faces. But four souls hungry for a sense of commonality, clues to our future success, and a path to self-fulfillment make for a room full of inspiration. And that's what drew our… Continue reading 7 Ways to to Stay Inspired When You Have ADHD

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Beautiful Things

I've just received notice of our first gift received through the Honeyluna registry, and find myself filled with even more gratitude than on the evening of our engagement party. I feel so blessed, and a lot closer to the reality of my marriage with Grant. The coming together of our friends and family is in… Continue reading Beautiful Things


It’s Real Simple: Growing Up

"But, why do I have to grow up?"I still reflect on that bittersweet moment long ago . I sat on my father's lap as he sat on the dark vinyl Danish modern recliner in our living room on Sheri Drive."But I don't want to!"was my protest, so often repeated in the most difficult moments of… Continue reading It’s Real Simple: Growing Up