I Dreamt of the Soil: For the Gardener

I awoke to the most luscious dream of digging in the soil. Dark, firm-but-soft and deep, it received my shovel as if it were a spoon sinking into a fresh, warm batch of fudge. There‚Äôs no difference in the delight for me, really, though I taste my garden soil only by accident when the earth… Continue reading I Dreamt of the Soil: For the Gardener

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Hymn of Dawn

Hymn of Dawn January 18, 2015 Stretching upward, a choir of dark feathered branches fills the pale aqua hovering above the lightening peach that breaks from the smouldering umber mountain silhouette horizon beyond my window. Dawn: the trees in celebration reach their paintbrush-bristles upward stretching toward heaven, branching, forever branching from branch to limb, from… Continue reading Hymn of Dawn

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The Dirty Business of Growth

I was recently commissioned to do calligraphy for the cover of a book in which the name "Adam" is a key focus. Meaning "Red Clay Man" or "Red Soil Man," the name "Adam" is a rich word picture for each of us as humans. It can serve an impetus for introspection as fellow members of… Continue reading The Dirty Business of Growth