Real Rest and the Specter of the Day

Real rest? Conundrum at best, conflicting at very least. Elusive, ghostly... and so underrated. The treasure of rest you can't afford to ignore, and truly don't want to miss. There is peace to be had for free. A. J. Heschel opened my eyes to rest. Delicious wordsmithery, his; straight and true as an arrow, earthily,… Continue reading Real Rest and the Specter of the Day


Life Can be Simpler. In Fact, it was Meant to be. But How?

Do you wonder if someone's absconded with your life and left crazy town in its place? If so, you're not alone, and there's some comfort in that, at least. It's not comfort enough if you've lost someone to COVID19*, and life is really hard now for so many. But I'd like to talk about the… Continue reading Life Can be Simpler. In Fact, it was Meant to be. But How?


The Lies we Tell Ourselves [Make us Sick]

Last night we piled our dinner plates high with saag paneer and butter chicken, pairing this with a rousing murder mystery. "Knives Out". Truth gleaned: Lying makes Marti puke (sorry). Better put: Lying sickens our bodies. There's empirical support for this?! Research study findings: reducing the everyday lies we tell can significantly increase our health… Continue reading The Lies we Tell Ourselves [Make us Sick]


To Lean or Leap? Courage Required

...I’d begun to lean too much, when I needed to leap, to learn how strong I was designed to be. The word “leap” had begun regularly creeping around in my brain, showing up in weird spaces between other thoughts. Fear was soaking up my initiative, leaving this typically proactive girl passive, flat, and disheartened... What… Continue reading To Lean or Leap? Courage Required


That Constraint? It’s a Brain-Body Boost & Blessing in Disguise

Something holding you back? Too many rules getting you down? Let's face it: we hardly live a single day with no limits, no restrictions on our freedom to do whatever, however, whenever we like. Constraints go against our natural craving to be in complete control. I've gotta tell ya'- nobody resists constraints more than I… Continue reading That Constraint? It’s a Brain-Body Boost & Blessing in Disguise

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Centering: Capturing the Calming Respite

One of my jobs as a coach is to help you discover ways to recuperate, allowing time to nurture both yourself and others appropriately so you both can thrive. Too much self-nurture, too much serving without self-care, and we’re out of the unique balance we each need in order to live fully, healthy in spirit,… Continue reading Centering: Capturing the Calming Respite


Life on the Wild Edges

Ever heard the term "wild edges"? My friends have. And, God bless him, my sweet husband has more than he'd like to have. It's a pet term of mine, so I tend to bring it up now and then in hopes someone else will want to explore, conversationally speaking, life's "wild edges" with me. Maybe… Continue reading Life on the Wild Edges


Starting the Winter Fire

A glittering frost blanketed the world this morning. But the beauty sent me shivering, and thus began my annual pyromania. I love fire; it keeps me toasty and is mesmerizing to watch, even if only on a looping YouTube video on my laptop where I wish a fireplace stood. I also love outdoor adventure reality… Continue reading Starting the Winter Fire


Live Sustainably? Start Within

Sustainable living begins with a resilient self. Do you cringe when you hear of a "new way to improve your life"?  If so, you're not the only one. But isn't it our nature to long for more, or better? for growth? to stand out amidst the surrounding chaos? Our world, flooded with info bytes and… Continue reading Live Sustainably? Start Within


People: A Little Perspective, Please

Low, charcoal clouds race by my window, like a herd running from some unseen danger lurking in the distance. Three of my four hens have jumped down from their roost to see what’s going on. The long sheet of thick black plastic I laid over a new garden bed vibrates and leaps, yanking at the… Continue reading People: A Little Perspective, Please