Helping you and nature flourish as designed.


Do you want a garden that’s good for you and safe for other living things? Let me help. I design gardens so they’ll flourish– but also so that your children, pets, neighbors, and pollinators like honeybees & butterflies flourish, too. As a certified Permaculture Design Consultant, I love creating edible, ornamental, organic and sustainable, medicinal, shareable spaces that support your life- not the other way around.


I’ll help you thrive by customizing your garden to your goals and values so you can sustain it, while it helps sustain you. I design so that you can maintain it, minimizing your work so it fits your lifestyle. As your Garden Coach I provide ongoing guidance, support and answers to your gardening questions.

Let’s chat if you..

  • …feel in over your head
  • …are passionate (or at least curious!) about Permaculture
  • …care about your natural environment
  • …are a professional or recreational gardener/grower

I can help you…

  • Best utilize and store rainwater
  • Cook, store & preserve what you grow
  • Make gardening realistic for you, your family & lifestyle

What’s My Philosophy?

I love helping others provide beauty, healthy food, and even medicinal plants for themselves, while creating safe habitat for pollinators and wildlife that support life on earth for us all. While doing so, it is imperative to include wise resource management in the conversation.

I value stewardship of resources, and believe that includes human resources- meaning your time and energy.  I value the permaculture ethics of nurturing people & our natural environment, and redistributing surplus. This is not a new ethos; for me it started at the beginning of everything.

I believe that being a good steward of natural and human resources is a human mandate that means that we’re not merely consumers, but are charged with responsibly producing what we need to survive, and caring for what we’ve been given.

Finally, I believe it is also our uniquely human responsibility to both use resources wisely, and to reuse, re-purpose, compost or dispose of byproducts and waste safely/prudently.


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