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Centering: Capturing the Calming Respite

One of my jobs as a coach is to help you discover ways to recuperate, allowing time to nurture both yourself and others appropriately so you both can thrive. Too much self-nurture, too much serving without self-care, and we’re out of the unique balance we each need in order to live fully, healthy in spirit,… Continue reading Centering: Capturing the Calming Respite


The “I Should Be Able to Manage Without Meds” Blues

Springing ForwardThe sun is finally streaming through tangerine-pink clouds and the cardinals have arrived on my deck; hints of spring all around, save that darned, pervasive cold. Despite the "springing forward" we're about to do this Saturday, clocks in hand, we're still humans, one foot saddled in clay, trying to release ourselves from the doldrums.This… Continue reading The “I Should Be Able to Manage Without Meds” Blues