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Centering: Capturing the Calming Respite

One of my jobs as a coach is to help you discover ways to recuperate, allowing time to nurture both yourself and others appropriately so you both can thrive. Too much self-nurture, too much serving without self-care, and we’re out of the unique balance we each need in order to live fully, healthy in spirit,… Continue reading Centering: Capturing the Calming Respite


Holiday Plans Making You Crazy? Check Your Purpose

Plans, Purpose, Mission, Fa-La-La!  I'm guessing you arose this morning with a plan in mind, just as I did. Gifts, food, tree, travel, phone calls to loved ones, and so forth. Mine did not include writing this blog post, but here we are; such is life. Something greater calls us internally and we may feel… Continue reading Holiday Plans Making You Crazy? Check Your Purpose